“Why don’t we just accept it?”


Our education system needs to change from a system of grades to a system of goals.

Years back, I met a guy who disliked biology. Even though he belonged from a family of doctors, he had absolutely no interest in the subject.

Under family influence he decided to take up the subject during his plus two. During his plus two he was seen claiming a sudden love for the subject. Yes, the same guy who ran away by mere name of mitochondria was proclaiming that his auricles and ventricles underwent systolic and diastolic phases only for biology.

He suddenly had an unprecedented love for MBBS and said that he wanted to become a surgeon. 
Anyways, unable to clear any competitive examination for MBBS or even BDS he decided to take up biotechnology in an engineering college. 
Now, there was shift in his life goals. He suddenly started loving micro bioengineering and his fb timeline was evidently flodded with posts claiming how technology is changing the medical field.

Few hours back, an acquaintance of mine told me that the same guy has joined a management institution and is about to do healthcare management.

From a biology hater to a biology lover, then from a  surgeon to an engineer and finally to healthcare care management, thats how our life goals change.

No problem with that, but the thing is that why don’t we just accept that the only aim we have is for a settled peaceful life  A life in which we can boast our monetary gains. A life which gives us enough of materialistic love.
It doesn’t matter which field of study gives us that. 
Why proclaim a love that we never had? Why be such a hypocrite?

Majority of our goals are society and family induced. As a kid in a school, I don’t remember any session which specifically stressed the need for us to understand our life goals.

Majority of us chose careers which, at the time, seemed the best to give us a settled a life. Be it engineering or medical.

Accept it.