Are we becoming a cult? The difference between following a leader and worshiping him.



“We don’t need another god among us. We need a leader. We need to be follower and not a devotee.There is a difference between being a follower and a devotee. “

I noticed something unique in this entire demonetization row. The political warfare was taken to another level by the social media. Psychological games were at their peak, be it in form of a Whatsapp message or a sarcastic joke in form of meme  . The united opposition left no stone unturned to corner the government. “Jan Jan Ki Baat” survey undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed much more like an effort to woo the public and persuade them to unsee the faults in the implementation of currency ban. However, all these don’t even come close to something else. I saw rise of a cult. A cult where people have already proclaimed Narendra Modi as their god.

Narendra Modi is no god. He is a political leader. Gods aren’t answerable for what they do but leaders are.

It is not about the pros and cons of currency ban. The discussion here is about the attitude that we as citizens are developing. When  you follow a leader, you see the positive and negative effects of the decisions which he takes but once you proclaim him as a god, there is only one direction- submission to his will. The cult doesn’t ask questions. The cult only follows. We need to ask questions. Genuine questions.

Now imagine a cult comprising of more than tens of million people and imagine their proclaimed god making a mistake. Their is this Mr C who knows the solution to the mistake made by the god. Mr C can help the god make amendments so as for better good, but when he questions him, the cult fanatics denounces Mr C. They cant tolerate their god being questioned. Such cant happen when we have a leader. Democracy requires good leaders.