5 guranteed ways to prove yourself as an epitome of capablity in VIT Vellore. 

In a tier-one private engineering college, EVERYONE you will meet is CAPABLE and if by any chance you aren’t, here are 5 guranteed ways to boost up your “capablity quotient” or atleast depict so.. 😉 

 Tried and tested, these methods are being adopted and recommended on a daily basis by professionals from all branches of Btech. These methods are for all genders present. 

1) Attend a MUN. Make sure you have ZERO idea about what is being debated. Mandatorily post a pic on FB, wearing formals. 

Guranteed Success with atleast 200 likes and reactions, more if there is an opposite sex in the pic!!

All your friends from previous school will get to know how you are “rocking” in college and that you have such a vast and diverse intellect. 

2) Be a part of atleast 5 ‘unique’ club or chapter (which you would be choosing from a set of  50, and which will be having atleast 100 other “unique” members). Mandatorily write “Chapter head/VP/General secretary.. blah blah..  at XYZ” in your bio description at Facebook. 

Method tested at various instances. Special results if people visit your profile. Added benefits, if combined with an MUN wala dp.

3) If you are rich, join a team, go to US/UK/Zimbabwe… for a competition, lose in it, post pics with taglines as “Believe in your dreams”, “Florida ain’t that far”, “Hardwork paid off”…. and so on… 

Good method. Slight drawback- majorly for people born with a silverspoon stuffed up there golden asses. 

4)In TT (technology tower) gallery, you have a standing desk for speakers, the desk has microphones attached and VIT written on the front. Ask your friend to take pictures with you standing, as if giving a speech. Make it your DP with some random inspirational quote. 

Can get a decent response. Good method for freshers.Make sure to take the pictures when no one is in the gallery and just try to pose, a real life public speech may make you shit in your pants, I assure you that a picture of it won’t be lovely. 

5) As many random “candids” as possible. Preferably with opposite sex. Wear formals as much as possible. If you are a 4th year student, try and act boss,especially in front of first years, even when you know that in actual you have the smallest balls possible. 

It works.
I rest my case. 

No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be; 
Am an attendant lord, one that will do 
To swell a progress, start a scene or two, 
Advise the prince; no doubt, an easy tool, 
Deferential, glad to be of use, 
Politic, cautious, and meticulous; 
Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse; 
At times, indeed, almost ridiculous— 
Almost, at times, the Fool.
~T.S Eliot


Tamil Nadu’s political warfare- All that you need to know.

What is all the chaos about?
After the demise of Jayalalitha, former CM of Tamil Nadu, O Paneerselvam was appointed as the chief minister of the state. He also played the role of the CM, for the AIDMK party when Jayalalitha had fallen ill.  Lately, after the growing following of Shashikala, who was recently appointed as the party head,  O Paneerselvam was expected to resign from the post of Chief Minister so as to pave the way for crowning of Shashikala. Though,the turmoil started on 7th February when OPS “claimed” that he was “pressurized” to resign from the CM’s post after a short meditation at Jayalalitha’s memorial.  OPS also claimed that it was Jayalalitha’s wish that he was to continue as the CM of the state. 

Who is O Paneerselvam?

O Paneerselvam is a member of AIDMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) party and a loyalist of its leader, Jayalalitha. He has worked his way to top in AIDMK, from being a young ground level party worker to the Chief Minister of the state. 

Who is Sashikala Natrajan?

Sashikala Natrajan , was a close aide to Jayalalitha and is presently the general secretary of AIDMK. She was unanimously chosen as party head after the death of Jayalalitha. 

What lies ahead for Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu as a state, is burning. Be it the ugly face of LTTE rising in wake of Jallikattu protests or anti national slogans during Marina Beach, the state with all its people is suffering.A split in AIDMK means re elections which would inturn yet again make the common man suffer. For Tamil Nadu its way too many wars at a time, be it demand for exemtion from NEET or the latest revolt by O Paneerselvam. 

“….अब वो बात नहीं रही”

यूँही कभी आराम से बैठ अपने ही जनरेशन को निहारता हूँ तो अफ़सोस और दुःख दोनों भावों के नदी खुद के बांधों को तोर कर बह जाती हैं| आज से १०-१५ साल पहले तक कॉलेज के लड़के decisive हुआ करते थे, हिम्मती, जुनूनी, मेहनती और संकल्पि भी, लेकिन अब यह सब सपनो की बातें भर रह गयी हैं| कैंटीनो में बैठ, एक समोसे और एक चाय पर सरकार की नीतियों और समाज की परिस्थितियों को नाप जाने वाले लोग थे वो, दोस्ती भी सायद उस वक्त की ही सच्ची हुआ करती थी, अब दोस्ती नहीं केवल “social acquaintance” होती है | वो युग था जब पढाई किताब और कॉपी लेकर हुआ करती थी, वही सायद असली पढाई थी | यकीन नहीं होता तो अपने किसी बड़े भाई या बेहेन को ही देख लें, आज भी वह आपसे दस गुना ज्यादा सचेत होंगे |

अब की जनरेशन एक “आराम-पसंद” युग मात्र रह गयी है| किसी भी काम को उस काम के होने के खातिर नहीं किया जाता, उस काम को एक “फोटो-op” की तरह किया जाता है | फेसबुक और इन्स्ताग्राम के इस जनरेशन में काम वही  किया जाता है जिसकी तस्वीर ली जा सकती और फिर उस काम की सफलता इस बात से नापी जाती है की सोशल मीडिया पर उस तस्वीर पर कितने लाइक्स मिले| गली, मोहाल्ले के हुडदंगी अब दीखते नहीं, और दिखे भी तो कैसे, सब अपने अपने रूम पर बैठ विडियो गेम खेल रहे| इस breakup और patchup के युग में आशिकों के quality में भी गिरावट है, प्रेम पत्र वाले आशिक अब मिलते नहीं| देश दुनिया की खबरें तो गलती से ही सुनने को मिलती ही, खबर इन्हें वही पता होती है जो फेसबुक के फीड पर दिखती है| “Selfie” का जनरेशन है यह | बेमतलब बतक की तरह होंठ करने का जनरेशन है यह| दिशाहीन यूथ है ये| सही मायने में कहें तो अब वो बात ही नहीं रही,बिलकुल भी नहीं रही |

“Why don’t we just accept it?”


Our education system needs to change from a system of grades to a system of goals.

Years back, I met a guy who disliked biology. Even though he belonged from a family of doctors, he had absolutely no interest in the subject.

Under family influence he decided to take up the subject during his plus two. During his plus two he was seen claiming a sudden love for the subject. Yes, the same guy who ran away by mere name of mitochondria was proclaiming that his auricles and ventricles underwent systolic and diastolic phases only for biology.

He suddenly had an unprecedented love for MBBS and said that he wanted to become a surgeon. 
Anyways, unable to clear any competitive examination for MBBS or even BDS he decided to take up biotechnology in an engineering college. 
Now, there was shift in his life goals. He suddenly started loving micro bioengineering and his fb timeline was evidently flodded with posts claiming how technology is changing the medical field.

Few hours back, an acquaintance of mine told me that the same guy has joined a management institution and is about to do healthcare management.

From a biology hater to a biology lover, then from a  surgeon to an engineer and finally to healthcare care management, thats how our life goals change.

No problem with that, but the thing is that why don’t we just accept that the only aim we have is for a settled peaceful life  A life in which we can boast our monetary gains. A life which gives us enough of materialistic love.
It doesn’t matter which field of study gives us that. 
Why proclaim a love that we never had? Why be such a hypocrite?

Majority of our goals are society and family induced. As a kid in a school, I don’t remember any session which specifically stressed the need for us to understand our life goals.

Majority of us chose careers which, at the time, seemed the best to give us a settled a life. Be it engineering or medical.

Accept it.

Are we becoming a cult? The difference between following a leader and worshiping him.



“We don’t need another god among us. We need a leader. We need to be follower and not a devotee.There is a difference between being a follower and a devotee. “

I noticed something unique in this entire demonetization row. The political warfare was taken to another level by the social media. Psychological games were at their peak, be it in form of a Whatsapp message or a sarcastic joke in form of meme  . The united opposition left no stone unturned to corner the government. “Jan Jan Ki Baat” survey undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed much more like an effort to woo the public and persuade them to unsee the faults in the implementation of currency ban. However, all these don’t even come close to something else. I saw rise of a cult. A cult where people have already proclaimed Narendra Modi as their god.

Narendra Modi is no god. He is a political leader. Gods aren’t answerable for what they do but leaders are.

It is not about the pros and cons of currency ban. The discussion here is about the attitude that we as citizens are developing. When  you follow a leader, you see the positive and negative effects of the decisions which he takes but once you proclaim him as a god, there is only one direction- submission to his will. The cult doesn’t ask questions. The cult only follows. We need to ask questions. Genuine questions.

Now imagine a cult comprising of more than tens of million people and imagine their proclaimed god making a mistake. Their is this Mr C who knows the solution to the mistake made by the god. Mr C can help the god make amendments so as for better good, but when he questions him, the cult fanatics denounces Mr C. They cant tolerate their god being questioned. Such cant happen when we have a leader. Democracy requires good leaders.


The Big Bang of 08/11/2016 | Modi’s “Achhe din”


For the past two and half years, Narendra Modi led central government has been criticized of not being able to take any steadfast decision with regards to curb the ever growing fangs of corruption. Though the night of 08/11/2016 proved that not only the central government has a clear stand against corruption but also our PM has the guts of announcing, probably the biggest economic decision of its tenure, to the whole nation via a live television broadcast, something which is not very common in India.

The decision to ban the 500- and 1000- rupee notes will certainly effect the corrupt, though it is limited to the fact that its major effect can only be seen on the black money which is actually in cash. What about land? What about gold?  The question also arises why 500 and 1000 rupee note? The major portion of unaccounted money which is used for any illicit purpose generally is in form of high value notes. This move deeply impacts the working sections of society. Anybody who provides services in the informal sector and depends on monthly cash payments.The UPI (unified payment interface) system is likely to be fully operationalised only by January 2017. Would it have not been better to wait until then, if this move was to shift towards a cashless economy?


The beauty of the whole operation lies in its secrecy. Electorally, this single decision may have the power of confirming the 2018 lok sabha elections in BJP’s favour. The “Achhe din” motto, as popularized by BJP during its election campaign had great dependence on how the government tackles the OROP and black money issue. With the Punjab elections coming, this anti corruption event may have just slightly changed off the electoral balance in the state. The hoarding of cash at home—which in all likelihood will involve Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes—will have to put the money into the formal system. And terrorist organisations, which according to the government have made repeated use of fake currency, will suddenly find their cash piles containing these notes worth nothing but mere paper. The general public was seen accepting this decision with open arms.


Undoubtedly this is one of the bravest decision taken by the government against black money, though the crucial part being its implementation.