Tamil Nadu’s political warfare- All that you need to know.

What is all the chaos about?
After the demise of Jayalalitha, former CM of Tamil Nadu, O Paneerselvam was appointed as the chief minister of the state. He also played the role of the CM, for the AIDMK party when Jayalalitha had fallen ill.  Lately, after the growing following of Shashikala, who was recently appointed as the party head,  O Paneerselvam was expected to resign from the post of Chief Minister so as to pave the way for crowning of Shashikala. Though,the turmoil started on 7th February when OPS “claimed” that he was “pressurized” to resign from the CM’s post after a short meditation at Jayalalitha’s memorial.  OPS also claimed that it was Jayalalitha’s wish that he was to continue as the CM of the state. 

Who is O Paneerselvam?

O Paneerselvam is a member of AIDMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) party and a loyalist of its leader, Jayalalitha. He has worked his way to top in AIDMK, from being a young ground level party worker to the Chief Minister of the state. 

Who is Sashikala Natrajan?

Sashikala Natrajan , was a close aide to Jayalalitha and is presently the general secretary of AIDMK. She was unanimously chosen as party head after the death of Jayalalitha. 

What lies ahead for Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu as a state, is burning. Be it the ugly face of LTTE rising in wake of Jallikattu protests or anti national slogans during Marina Beach, the state with all its people is suffering.A split in AIDMK means re elections which would inturn yet again make the common man suffer. For Tamil Nadu its way too many wars at a time, be it demand for exemtion from NEET or the latest revolt by O Paneerselvam. 


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