“I feel…as if I don’t feel anything at all..

Many a times it happens that we meet ‘Self-made’ individuals. These are those individuals,who despite all the unfavorable circumstances decided never to give up on their dreams and ambitions, to eventually achieve what they always wished for,all by themselves. This happens ‘Many a times’

Its rarely though that we meet ‘Time-made’ individuals. These are those individuals whose life goals, love, ambitions, dreams were all modified in due course by ‘time’. ‘Time’ has changed them to an extent that they don’t even recognize who they are and even if they do it doesn’t match with who they were. Events after events. Turns after turns, have changed the very foundations of there individuality. They are no more the humans they used to be. They are the ‘living-machines’. Yes, they are alive but they are dead. Yes, they are the lovers but they hate the most. Yes,they require help but they are scared the most. Yes, they want to talk but they are the shiest of all. Yes, they want to feel, but the only thing they feel is nothing at all.

We humans are complex. The ‘living-machines’ are complexly complicated. Humans rule the world. The only thing they have not been able to rule is ‘time’. We can predict an event but we can’t change it…




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