“Sshhh….I am scared.

One of the fear’s greatest weapons is our own desire of winning. We want to win which makes us vulnerable and we lose. What if we never try to win? What if winning or loosing isn’t important at all. We’ll simply do the job and the result will not be categorized as win or loss. There is no loss, there is not failure. There is no failure, there is no success. There is no success, there are no expectations. There are no expectations, there is no fear

कोई खौफ़ में है, कोई डर रहा है,
कोई आग को देखकर डर रहा है
कोई काण्ड करके थर्र थर्र रहा है,
मज़ेदार घटना जो उस दिन घटी थी,
अभी हँस रहा हूँ मग़र तब फटी थी।

As this post is getting really long, let’s end it. Okay now I am scared again. What if you guys won’t like it? Forget liking, what if you didn’t even read it? It’s not about success of the post. It’s about recognition. What if this post dies unnoticed? I am scared about its sustaining or survival.

I never met anyone who is absolutely fearless. We all fear. We all are scared.”

Well, I was wrong. I met one. His name is ‘Truth’



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