“I was a millionaire…

All I know that you all were there. That world was a far better place. Certain mornings, like this one,take me back to remembrance. Those mornings have always filled me with an unspoken nostalgia. Yes, I still remember. What a millionaire I was! Fascinating how time flies. Really quite fascinating. Its generally a lifetime from “nothing” to “everything” but only a fraction of second from “everything” to “nothing”.

Those streets were paved by gold. Those ‘apartments’ are still so clear in  my memory. Yes, I still remember. I do not know what it is to love or too be loved. May be I do. I am unsure. I do not know what “home” meant for others. My definition of “home” were you all.

Ranchi is a fascinating place. Yes, i was a millionaire there. For my age, I had everything what one can ever dream of. ‘Friendship’ and ‘Happiness’ were among them. The “shops” were small,but the “dreams” were big. “Choukni” wasn’t a 5 star restaurant, though it was richer than any 5 star restaurant. It had “us”. ‘Chicken kassa’ was our all time ultimate discovery. FCR, was another of our hub. I remember how happy we were when they opened a branch at SOP(South Office Para), it saved us a tedious walk to NOP(North office para). Chicken roll costed only 50 bucks then. Still I was a millionaire. Spring City was ‘second’ home. Classes were fun back those days. JVM was weird. I never understood that school. Wait, actually I never understood what they taught. Wait, actually I never tried to understand what they taught. 😛 Who cared!! I was already a millionaire….

So Fascinating, how time flew by. Phewwwww……


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